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Al-Mirkaz is considered one of the earliest tensile structure businesses in Saudi Arabia. Al-Mirkaz started their business about 15 years ago driving its name from a traditional market place of the Bedouins. One of the largest projects in tensile structure in Saudi Arabia is Mina Tent Project – Makah, K.S.A. Al-Mirkaz management confidently accomplished 40,000 tents of PTFE fiber glass coated by Teflon which cover 2.4 million square meters. Basically, Al-Mirkaz usually seeks challenging projects to leave more fingerprints in the construction world. It is a rapidly growing company in Saudi Arabia. We have a diverse portfolio of more than 50 products and services that have a wide range of applications in the society, both industrial and commercial. Our team is dedicated to constantly innovating and developing new offerings to meet the changing demands of our clients. Whether you're in need of a specialized piece of equipment or a comprehensive service package, we've got you covered. Check out our different products and services below:

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