Vision & Mission

1. To design, fabricate and install membrane structures in line with the design and quality requirements of the Client, Architect and Engineers
2. To maintain high standards of quality throughout all processes
3. To maintain high standards of safety for all personnel both on and off site
4. To produce sufficient returns to continue research and development
5. To constantly be at the forefront of research and development of new and improved materials and techniques
At Al Mirkaz we are very keen to ensure that all our office, factory, site and not least client relations are closely linked and compatible.
All our Project Managers and Project Assistants are dedicated to the proper and efficient management of projects.
The Project Manager has full day-to-day responsibility for the technical and financial aspects of the project.
Depending on the size of the project a number of Project Assistants will be appointed to assist the Project Manager with the successful implementation of the Project.