Al-Mirkaz is considered one of the earliest tensile structure businesses in Saudi Arabia. Al-Mirkaz started their business about 20 years ago driving its name from a traditional market place of the Bedouins. One of the largest projects in tensile structure in Saudi Arabia is Mina Tent Project – Makah, K.S.A. Al-Mirkaz management confidently accomplished 40,000 tents of PTFE fiber glass coated by Teflon which cover 2.4 million square meters. Basically, Al-Mirkaz usually seeks challenging projects to leave more fingerprints in the construction world.

Our projects are designed and built for life span. To achieve this, we conduct quick and thorough data gathering, design using the latest architectural software and develop plans that include detailing and calculations, combined with computer-generated patterns; all supplied by leading engineers and architects in this field. Our factory is custom-designed for tensile architecture production.

A successful membrane structure project can only be achieved through good cooperation between architect, contractor and client. With this understanding, Al-Mirkaz offers comprehensive consultation services for design, manufacture and installation of the most innovative and exciting structures. We are structured in a way that helps you realize your vision while meeting the agreed upon budget and design criteria.