Mega Projects

King Abdullah Petroleum Studies and Research Center project (KAPSARC):

  • King Abdullah Petroleum Studies and Research Center project (KAPSARC):

Project Details :                   75,000 m2 PTFE Canopies & car parking shades .
Client :                                    Saudi ARAMCO .
Architect :                              Zaha Hadid.

Scope of work :

    • 51 canopies in different sizes and module.
    • Fabrication and installation of the PTFE membrane tensile structure for 75,000 SQM of car park shades, main building canopy and entrance gate canopy.

This project is one of the most unique projects in KSA located near Riyadh Airport.

KAPSARC is a landmark project with lots of unique & complicated geometry ,one of those are the tensile fabric structures for the main area canopies & car parking shades.
Al-mirkaz along with its design & engineering team keenly studied the project requirements specifications & local envoirnment to deliver ehat client intends.

King Salman Science Oasis (K.S.S.O)

  1. King Salman Science Oasis (K.S.S.O)



Project Details :                   5 type (Suspended Roof Membrane Work).
Client :                                   Arriyadh Development Autherity (ADA).
Architect :                             Gerber.

Scope of Work :

  1.   Membrane load analysis
  2.   Cutting patterns for membrane pattering and shop drawing cutting
  3.   Workshop drawings for membranes and accessories
  4.   Manufacture and delivery of aluminum extrusion and edge connection and fixing related to the membranes
  5.   Fabrication and delivery of Atex ,PTFE AND ETFE
  6.   Packing and transport of components to the site
  7.   Project management including installation planning.
  8.   Membrane installation only.
  9.   The approved 3D drawings will be provided by IC.

      The light roof structure of the oasis will provide access to the wadi located on the spot while a rectangular space will serve as entrée to the complex connecting to the shopping mall in the southwest and the different buildings of the science center situated in the northeast. It will feature exhibition spaces and three-dimensional cinema. It will have at least 7 halls and a “hall of life”

King Abdullah International Garden (Aviary and Butterfly) Buildings

  1. King Abdullah International Garden (Aviary and Butterfly) Buildings

Project Detail :                     Steel work, steel mesh-PTFE fabric ,ETFE fabric ,PTFE mesh
Client :                                   Riyadh Municipality
Architect :                             Al-Omrania

Scope of Work :

  1. Steel Engineering Services  (Aviary & Butterfly)
  2. Membrane Engineering Services (Aviary)
  3. Membrane Engineering Services (Butterfly)
  4.  Fabric Fabrication
  5.  Steel Fabrication
  6. Delivery and transportation of all the materials related to our work included in our scope of work.
  7. Installation including material handling (cranes and lifting equipment are excluded)
The garden, which has been designed by UK design and planning architectural firm Barton Wilmore International (after an international design competition in 2007) will be enclosed by two interceding crescent shaped 'domes' similar in structure to the 'biomes' used in the Eden Project in Cornwall.

The domes (forming one of the world's largest Teflon structures) and related infrastructure will not only have to maintain and control the environment for the various plant species but will also have to act in a sustainable fashion by collecting rainwater in the winter months, making use of solar power and using wind turbines.

The project was commissioned by the Mayor of Riyadh and has been largely funded by contributions from businesses and individuals in the city itself. The project, when completed, will provide a new attraction for the city as well as being a place of education and scientific research.

Detailed design of the King Abdullah International Gardens was completed in November 2009. As of January 2012, construction contractors are to be chosen among eight local and international bidders (bids submitted in 2010) for the construction of the project. The project is expected to be completed in the third quarter of 2013.